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Children of Slovakia Foundation

For 19 years the Foundation connected those who want to help with those in need of help. The programs of the Children of Slovakia Foundation are derived from the international survey “Newly emerging needs of children in Slovakia”. The survey identified new threats and needs:

  • Parents’ engage very loosely in the upbringing of their children.
  • Increase in aggressiveness.
  • The possibility of negative impact through communication technologies.
  • Ineffective methods of education in schools.
  • Possibilities and problems connected to the spending of leisure time.
  • Pressure on performance and success of children.


I. PROGRAM PILLAR - Intervention and prevention

The Children of Slovakia Foundation is one of the few NGOs in Slovakia that has been dedicated to supporting projects with a preventive impact. We are convinced that the prevention of problems is more effective than solving them after they surface. Long term support enables us to build up stable partnerships as well as developing, testing and implementing innovative solutions.

Children’s Hour Grant program

The Children’s Hour Grant program is from the beginning of 2000 the largest grant program of the Children of Slovakia Foundation. Thanks to the annual money collection the Foundation can continue to address those questions that are most urgent. The grant program has been contributing to the professionalization and stabilization of organizations that work with children and youth, encouraging cooperation with interfacing organizations from various sectors with the goal of helping children and youth, drawing attention to the problems which children and youth face in Slovakia. The CSF also acknowledges those persons that are crucial for the development of these children.

Once a Year Together Grant program

The grant program Once a Year Together is aimed to support the children under the age of 18 suffering from a specific chronic illness (in e.g. oncologic illness, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, hemophilia), that live in Slovakia. Due to the specific nature of the chronic illness these children lack the opportunity to meet together. The treatment of this illness cannot be systematic and therefore the consequences of their physical handicap persist.

Per Aspera Ad Astra Scholarship program

The program Per Aspera Ad Astra (Through hardship to the stars) helps socially disadvantaged youth from the regions of Banská Bystrica, Prešov and Košice, that entered into undergraduate study in the year 2009/2010 or continue in their 3rd and 4th semester of study (having terminated their 1st and 2nd semester) to accomplish a university education. It also aims to build up their personal integrity through engaging them in volunteer work.

HOME – The Most Important Place on Earth

Three years have elapsed in 2010 since we established the project HOME – The Most Important Place on Earth that supports the community model of young people that are leaving orphanages. The project systematically supports specific individuals in seeking accommodation, education (seminars of social and personal competences, educational program for financial literacy), tutor support (terrain social worker), support in the orientation on the labor market as well as “networking” of the crucial partners.

Not Only Football...

The goal of the project is to develop the healthy potential of youth in Slovakia. The partner for implementation is football club LP Domino. Within the framework of this project 500 boys and young men train 3- 4 times a week.
Weekly meetings are organized by volunteers; it serves to build up the team and personal growth. The final football match is the awaited climax of the season.


For 16 years we have been successful in establishing and maintaining long term partnerships with NGOs, state bodies, and businesses which respond to the newly emerging needs of children. Our aid in the educational sector is aimed to extend the use of innovative and tested methods of pedagogy not only in the formal sector- schools and expert state institutions. It also enters into other program fields that affect children – families, informal leisure time centers, and other groups. The traditional methods of education and upbringing have been found no longer effective due to the newly emerging needs that children face, and which have been pointed out by the CSF in the internationally published survey “Newly emerging needs of children”, published in 2010.

Get to Know Your Money

The first e-learning program of financial education in Slovakia, which addresses the development of financial intelligence and literacy, managed to acquire a new strategic partner in 2010 – The Foundation of Slovenská sporiteľňa. This program’s primary aim was to educate high school students, but now it continues to develop to suit the needs of elementary school children from first to early second stage of education. It also strives to become the leading project in this specific field of financial education in Slovakia.

New Media Education and Protection from in inappropriate content

The Survey of Newly Emerging Needs of Children in Slovakia points out the risks children face when working with informational-communication technologies as well as the impact the media have on their development. It describes various situations in which today’s children find themselves – younger and younger children are starting to use the computer, babies playing with cell phones, young person closes the doors of his room only to accept food from “the outside world”, group violence, cyber bullying, recording violence on cell phones and posting them online, children in commercials, and commercials aimed at the youngest children, virtual friendships of children, new identities and many more.

School of Family Finances

The School of Family Finances is the first community project of financial education. Its goal is to improve the quality the financial literacy in communities as well as Slovakia entire. Financial education is an effective preventive tool against economic and social problems. The program offers permanent and up-to-date education by a lector, which assists the attendants in comprehending the information about the financial market, rational financial management, and creation of the family budget with the minimal risks of a bad decision.


FIRST LEGO League - is the largest international robotic competition for elementary schools and high schools. Its goal to motivate a group of children lead by an adult to create a team and build a functional LEGO robot from that is capable of fulfilling the small missions of the competition. The missions are linked to the main topic of the competition that is announced every year by the central coordinator. Besides that the team has to develop a research project that is consulted with experts from the related field. From the year 2010 the Children of Slovakia Foundation has become the organizer of FLL in Slovakia. The CSF organized three regional tournaments for the attendants - in Bratislava, in Banská Bystrica and in Kosice.

BUS - Next Way with the BUS –Building, Understanding and Skills

Project BUS – New road for Building, Understanding and Skills aids poor people and children from orphanages. Many times they’re excluded from society due to poverty. The project helps them to integrate into society through
explaining the causes of their current situation followed by a set of practical tools that can be used to get out of it in e.g. the development of financial literacy, strengthening of personal competences. In 2010 the training was enriched through seminars of social competences that served as a mean of innovation to the standard model.

Innovative Approach to Professionalizing Work With Children

The research survey of newly emerging needs of children in Slovakia from 2009 as a theoretical basis for the continuation of the project in 2010. In 2010 a number of trainings and workshops with this topic were carried out in Bulgaria, Armenia, which served to evaluate the gathered data, local politics as well as mechanisms of intervention. The program of the workshops was aimed at developing skills for identification of the newly emerging needs, methods of coping with them, responsibilities of the local communities, and in some case the creation of strategic plans for specific communities.

How to cross the boarders

Educational program that aims to develop life skills and create a network of cooperating organizations from NGOs, schools, psychological clinics, educational centers, to organizations of specific interest. The established networks of participants continue to cooperate even after the termination of the project – they create their own activities for the development of life skills. The participants can create their own program at a higher level, identify the various life skills, as well as evaluate the entire program afterwards.

III. PROGRAM PILLAR- Philanthrophy

One of the fundamental activities of the Children of Slovakia Foundation is the raising of financial resources for supporting long term program that raise the quality of life of children and youth in Slovakia. At the same time we strive to develop fellowship and integrity of the expert and laic public towards the vulnerability of children. By carrying out the fundraising activities, CSF develops a philanthropic trend in society. The Children’s Hour continues to be the most intense and long term fundraising activity in Slovakia.

Children’s Hour

The Children’s Hour is a yearlong financial collection that concentrates and divides resources for prevention and intervention to help children and youth in Slovakia. The main contribution of Children’s Hour is that independent finances are moved to the program area of where the largest identification of need. The Children’s Hour managed to help establish and stabilize numerous high quality projects which systematically support individuals or groups in helping children and youth in Slovakia.

Children’s Hour TV show

Joining philanthropy with excellent TV entertainment is a concept upon which the CSF built the three hour TVshow that is being annually broadcasted live on 6th December on 1st Channel. The most famous celebrities from the Slovak and Czech medias, culture and social life brought many beautiful and touching moments. Those who are in need of help can for a moment catch a glimpse of the world of those that offer help. The participants and the callers have created a solid chain of solidarity and respect to help children. The creation of short documentary footage by Slovakia’s best directors enabled the CSF to inform the public on how their resources are being used in various projects. The Children’s Hour continues to raise its trustworthiness also thanks to the participation of numerous celebrities without any requirements for salary.

Children’s PHOTOGRAPHY Hour

The Children’s PHOTOGRAPHY Hour had auctioned photographs from renowned Slovak and Czech photographers in 2011 for the 10th time. The extraordinary initiative of the photographers do donate their masterpieces to the auction makes this event amazing in the Month of photography in Slovakia. The offer consisted of 46 photographs from 33 artists. The successful auctioneers have brought home besides the photographs a delicious wine from the company Elesko.

Collections of CHILDREN’S HOUR - ULIČNICA – national money collection

On the 4th year of the national street collection- ULIČNICA, 11th November 2011, we have registered a total number of 2403 volunteers in 83 cities and towns of Slovakia. Seven volunteers assisted with the organizing and logistics of the expanding collection. The volunteers collected the financial contributions into paper boxes and gave the donators a yellow badge in return with the clown Hugo, mascot of Children’s Hour. 42 279,37 €.

Children’s Hour other Collections

Various organizations support Children’s Hour through organizing spontaneous collections. Through the 13th year of Children’s Hour 31 organizations managed to set up a spontaneous collection. Together they collected 13 864,88 €.

2 percent for the Children

The Children of Slovakia Foundation organizes a campaign with the goal to collect finances from private and legal persons’ income taxes. The collected 2% from tax income are assigned primarily to help children and youth without parents, with handicaps, or come from a socially poor background which we support in our projects.


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